Hey hey! I’m Elizabeth.

But you can call me Liz.

It’s great to meet you –


I’m a mom, wife, daughter, bff (so they say), and badass boudoir photog located in the Asheville, NC area.

I started photography 3 years ago when my son, Bear, was born. I have 2 kids and a bonus child, a blue pit bull, an english bulldog, and the husband of my dreams.

Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe the life I have gotten to live thus far. Surrounded by the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, and friends and family I will always cherish.

Photography runs in the family. My grandfather and best man on the earth (fight me on this), was a photographer and I was lucky enough to get those genes passed down to me!

I used to be the “I will shoot everything! Kids, babies, maternity, weddings, elopements, headshots, nature” type photographer, but as I continue to shoot, I’ve noticed where my happiness and my creativity lies most…

romantic, intimate, raw, real

These are the words that pop out to me when I shoot my most favorite, boudoir. So now… that’s all I do!

I cuss a lil too much, and love what I do a whole lot more than I cuss. I’m open. I care. I share my life as it is on my social media. I don’t pretend I’m someone I’m not! I love being able to share myself whole heartedly with my friends, clients, and followers.

My sessions are catered around just having a good ass time. I shoot in my home where I build a studio in my living room! You get hair and makeup done in my kitchen while sippin on a mimosa if you’re feeling wild. I hangout with you while you’re getting glamified! And after that, we shoot and have a great time while talking and laughing.

That’s what I want. I want ya’ll to show up, have a great time, and leave with gorgeous ass boudoir images you’ll treasure forever.

Did you know?

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I want you to feel Gorgeous.

Because truly, you are. 

My favorite part of Boudoir photography, is showing you… you. I want you to see yourself the way I see you, the way those you love see you. 

I want you to take a moment, for you. I want you to eat a slice of fucking pizza, with a full face of professionally done makeup, and not have to worry about how the box will get into the recycling, or making sure that your little has juice. 

We, especially as women, give so, so much of ourselves. To our partners. To our kids. To our colleagues, even if we’re NOT office-mom. 

And in the middle of all that… well, I can really only speak for myself, but I tend to forget myself in all of it. 

Boudoir is one of the ways I spend time intentionally remembering… me. And I want you to remember you too. 

“An experience that was good for my soul.”

“I found out about Elizabeth Myers Photography thru Facebook. She responded to each of my emails as quickly as she could. She informed me a head of time of each step of the process. She even sent me a small guide on the “do’s and don’ts” which was a nice reference since it was my first time having boudoir photos taken. When I arrived for my appointment, her hair and makeup artist was already there and set up, waiting. I had a couple mimosas while having my hair and make up done, all the while we all had some girl talk and got to know each other.

Once that was done, it was just me and Liz. We had music going and we were chatting away like we had known each other for years. The atmosphere was simply relaxing. The end result is breathtaking. I wanted to look my best and feel by best, and each time I look at my photos I feel like I belong in a magazine. I am so thankful to have gotten to work with Liz. It was an experience that was good for my soul. It’s made me feel much more confident with myself. I look forward to doing this again, and she’ll be the only person I call to photograph me. She is an amazing person with a big heart who is the absolute best at what she does, no one else’s work can compare to hers.”


“I decided I wanted to have a boudoir shoot. Elizabeth and her hair and makeup artist not only made me feel beautiful, but also extremely comfortable. Elizabeth is so incredible at what she does. She knew just how to have me pose to create stunning photos! I whole-heartedly recommend Elizabeth Myers Photography to anyone, but especially to women who want to feel sexy and comfortable in their own skin. She’s just the best!”


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